Authenticity and Cultural Creativity: Guest Post by Tara Joyce

by Laura on 12/02/2009 · 5 comments

We’re thrilled to share this guest post by Tara Joyce. Tara is a writer and strategic coach and explores Cultural Creativity and dream business over on her blog, Rise of the Innerpreneur. You can also follow Tara on Twitter.

“Values are the best single predictor of real behavior.” – Dr. Paul Ray and Dr. Sherry Anderson, The Cultural Creatives

The values that rule a Cultural Creative

The defined values that dictate a Cultural Creative’s behavior are:

■         Authenticity, actions must be consistent with words and beliefs

■         Engaged action and whole process learning; seeing the world as interwoven and connected

■         Idealism and activism

■         Globalism and ecology

■         The importance of women

The value that rules You

Reading this list, I can’t help but think that the list should begin and end with authenticity, as, to me, it lies at the root of all the other values. I can’t help thinking that without knowing your Self and what you truly want, and acting on it, the rest of these values would not manifest.

But that’s just my perspective.

The value that rules Me

I see my authenticity as the roots of my values and that everything else springs forth from what I find inside. I’m driven by me, being true to my Self.

Even as a teen, when I couldn’t have been less sure of my Self, I learned quickly that not listening to Me was the worst thing I could do. That not honouring Me felt worse than anything that people could whisper, or that a boyfriend could write in Sharpie in our high school’s stairwell.

And now as a woman-child of 28, I can consciously identify that my need for authenticity shapes everything in my world.

I seek it in my relationships, in my work, in my self-development, in my interactions with nature… I’m always exploring my Self, and my world and our stories about it. I’ve been slipping into Cultural Creativity my whole life.

It’s all about me and I won’t apologize for it

In my life, everything begins and ends with Me. For I know, if I tell my Self the truth about what I want and need from my life, the rest will fall into place.

My answers are within Me.

What are the values that drive you, that are core to shaping your world?

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