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The Evolution of Global Communication

Tweet In his “Virtual Choir” TED talk, which I was fortunate enough to see in person, composer and conductor Eric Whitacre describes the impetus for his project: a quiet clearing in the woods and the thunderstorm that broke over it suddenly, beautifully. I think this is a perfect metaphor, in fact, for what’s been going […]

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Social Impact Spotlight: Spotify Gives Back by Bringing Music to Everyone

Tweet Many organizations get involved in charitable giving and volunteer work, which is always and will continue to be important. Yet, it’s the unique and innovative company that aligns its core business mission with meaningful ways to drive impact on an individual level. Spotify is doing just that. It believes in access to music for […]

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In the Wings: An Interview with Matthew Goodrich, Broadway Rising Star and Studied Understudy

Tweet Interview conducted and authored by Lauren Mangiaforte. Matthew Goodrich is a seriously talented actor. As of last September, he’s also one of Broadway’s hardest-working understudies. Since arriving one year ago after completing his MFA at CalArts, Matt has prepared five roles on Broadway, including three in Sam Gold’s Picnic and two in Jack O’Brien’s […]

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Facebook Chat and the Art of Playwriting: The (Social Media) Adventures of Boy and Girl

Tweet Authored and contributed by Lauren Mangiaforte. If you believe what you read in the media, we millennials are simply enamored with social media. It’s been intimated more than a few times that we use it too much, or that we use it for nefarious purposes, or that it leads us to have lowered attention […]

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On Remaining Artistic & Doing Good

Tweet I’m thrilled to share two new articles published last week. The first is an interview with friend and talented artist Rebecca Schweiger, owner of The Art Studio NY. I’ve taken a few classes there and it’s been a transformative experience. I’m no Picasso, but my time painting in the studio and drawing at the […]


On The Athena Doctrine, Secrets and Brilliant Art Perspectives

Tweet Here’s a quick round-up of the latest Huffington Post writings, including two TED Weekends posts as well as an interview with the author of The Athena Doctrine, who I met at December’s TEDxWomen 2012 conference in Washington, D.C. ‘The Operating System of the 21st Century’: John Gerzema on Femininity and The Athena Doctrine Documenting […]


3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Tweet I know from experience that trying to power your way through a creative block almost always ends in frustration. From writing to practicing music to even getting ready for Pilates training, I’ve been there. Instead of fighting to get water from a well that’s run dry, try these simple techniques that will allow help […]


LifeLabs: An Oasis for the Curious

Tweet Note: This interview is cross-posted on The Huffington Post. Thinking of increasing your ‘allure and impact’? You might want to consider taking a class in surprisology. Surprisology is just one of the many courses offered by LifeLabs New York, an educational incubator for ideas and practical impact. I came upon LifeLabs based on a […]

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