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3 Food Blogs To Feast On

Tweet I confess: I’m not a good cook. The good news is that I love food – appreciate it, take part in all of its celebrations, creativity and laud its unwavering ability bring together people through a daily common activity. Simply put, food – and the act of dining or eating – are powerful symbols […]


Where The Food Is: The Simple Kitchen

Tweet I’ve been known on many after work evening occasions to walk into The Simple Kitchen in Chelsea, my neighborhood go-to,  and simply pick up a few yummy fruit and nut oatmeal bars. Yum. But of course, there’s more to The Simple Kitchen than satisfying my endless dessert cravings. From its own delicious hummus  and […]

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On TEDxEast, Early Mornings and Urban Oyster’s Coolness

Tweet These past few weeks have been a true mosaic of events, activities, chance run-ins with cool people, planned run-ins with cooler people. This past week, I met up with the folks from TEDxEast (NYC’s independent version of TED – I also attended the last TEDxEast in May). In the first 5 minutes of meeting […]

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Where The Food Is: Interview With Tamy and Felipe at Worth Kitchen

Tweet In my never-ending quest to find tasty venues to dine – and even better, cool people to dine with – I serendipitously came upon Worth Kitchen. A distinctive cultural concept, New York City’s Worth Kitchen invites small intimate groups to dine, chat and enjoy the experience of a unique community in that special way […]

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A Night With Epicurious and Lidia: Food Is What Keeps Us Alive

Tweet “Food is what keeps us alive” ~ Lisa Jakobsberg, Food Bank for NYC Last night, I had the great fortune to attend “Lidia’s Table: Dinner with Lidia Bastianich,” sponsored by Epicurious. She brought her amazing top team from Felidia, Becco and Del Posto to contribute to the courses and spoke to us briefly about […]

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My Mom, The Bootlegger

Tweet This is another guest post from my Dad, Ron. He loves to tell stories – you can read Dad’s previous TJCC guest posts here. You did not misread the title. Yes, my Mom . . . that sweet little Italian lady . . . was a bootlegger. Here is the true story: Following World […]

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Those Very Italian Traditions: Guest Post by Laura’s Dad

Tweet Laura’s note: I’m so excited to share a guest post from my Dad (Ron) on TJCC. His first blog debut was a stellar book review on Laura Reviews.  He’s a writer too, working on a few books as we speak. In the TJCC spirit of culture and stories, I asked him to share some […]

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Learning By Eating: An Ode To The Culinary Culture Tour

Tweet Post written by Laura Cococcia. You can follow Laura on Twitter. I confess: I can’t cook. Well, maybe that’s too extreme. I *can* cook if we’re referring to pouring milk on cereal, opening a can of Diet Coke or heating up a Hot Pocket. My mother keeps trying to reform me, telling me that […]

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