John Gerzema on Femininity and The Athena Doctrine

Tweet **originally published on The Huffington Post, April 2013** In Greek mythology, Athena is commonly known the goddess of wisdom, often associated with the qualities of courage and inspiration. More than that, Athena serves as a patron of sorts to many disciplines, ranging from the arts to just warfare. Heroic in nature, Athena could even […]


On Meaningful Connections and Creative Expression: Q&A with Genevieve Morgan

Tweet *originally published on HuffPost Books:   Author and Maine resident Genevieve Morgan has an instinctive ability to connect with people. I knew that when we first met last year on a trip halfway around the world. In her writing, this natural gift is evident. With an extensive — and impressive — career in publishing […]

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On Voracious Curiosity: Q&A with Ben Nelson, CEO of Minerva Project

Tweet (Original article published on HuffPost Education on July 8, 2014) Two years ago, I had the privilege of attending TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, Scotland , which focused on the theme of “Radical Openness.” Following a number of talks around the future of childhood and adult education, a few of us spent time discussing evolving educational […]

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From Cambodia to Scotland: Stories from the Road

Tweet Here’s a quick roundup of articles I wrote during the past few months. Some of it captures my experiences at TEDGlobal in Scotland this past June and others from my volunteer experiences in Southeast Asia earlier this year. The best part: all of these meetings / interviews / projects led me meet remarkable, inspirational […]

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In the Wings: An Interview with Matthew Goodrich, Broadway Rising Star and Studied Understudy

Tweet Interview conducted and authored by Lauren Mangiaforte. Matthew Goodrich is a seriously talented actor. As of last September, he’s also one of Broadway’s hardest-working understudies. Since arriving one year ago after completing his MFA at CalArts, Matt has prepared five roles on Broadway, including three in Sam Gold’s Picnic and two in Jack O’Brien’s […]

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Facebook Chat and the Art of Playwriting: The (Social Media) Adventures of Boy and Girl

Tweet Authored and contributed by Lauren Mangiaforte. If you believe what you read in the media, we millennials are simply enamored with social media. It’s been intimated more than a few times that we use it too much, or that we use it for nefarious purposes, or that it leads us to have lowered attention […]

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Sarah Wilson Interview: Quitting Sugar for a Sweeter Life

Tweet Recently, I reconnected with friend and fellow writer Sarah Wilson to chat about her new book I Quit Sugar. We shared it on The Huffington Post and the comments from readers were off the charts (more than 130). My take: Sarah has the unique ability to bring such topics to life in a way that’s […]

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On Remaining Artistic & Doing Good

Tweet I’m thrilled to share two new articles published last week. The first is an interview with friend and talented artist Rebecca Schweiger, owner of The Art Studio NY. I’ve taken a few classes there and it’s been a transformative experience. I’m no Picasso, but my time painting in the studio and drawing at the […]