On TEDxEast, Early Mornings and Urban Oyster’s Coolness

by Laura on 11/13/2010 · 0 comments

These past few weeks have been a true mosaic of events, activities, chance run-ins with cool people, planned run-ins with cooler people.

This past week, I met up with the folks from TEDxEast (NYC’s independent version of TED – I also attended the last TEDxEast in May). In the first 5 minutes of meeting people, I made (and they made, hopefully) meaningful connections with other like-minded folks. From writers to true connectors to social entrepreneurs, it was amazing to see little bits of my own excitement about life in others.

I’ve shared a few links and highlights with you below – please check them out, comment, forward, or just take it all in. Hopefully it inspires something new!

1. Meeting the owners of Urban Oyster. You may recall my ode to the culinary walking tour – but Urban Oyster brings it to a whole new level. David and Cindy run an amazing set of tours in NYC designed to get to the real cultural conversation, digging into the story behind what you’re seeing and experiencing with research, chats with store and food cart owners and other cool things that you’ll just have to find out about when you go! We talked at length about how it started, customer feedback and where they’re going. More to come in an interview (hopefully soon!) but in the meantime, check out the coolness of what they’re up to on the Urban Oyster site.

2. Chatting with Rives. Rives co-hosts TEDxEast with Kelly Stoetzel and during the drinks the night before the event, he and I got to chatting. A conversationalist extraordinaire, Rives has made a worldwide impact with his poetry and most famously, his ode to 4 a.m. Loved hearing about the e-mails he’s received since then – I only hope he’ll make it into another TED talk soon. And I got a few storytelling pointers from him too. Nice.

3. TEDWomen. Is December 7 and 8. Tickets are sold out, but you can definitely check out how, when or where you can join others in your community who will be creating independent viewings of the live streaming and other related events in your communities. This is a must and will definitely have a recap here for all of you.

What’s happening in your world? What one cool thing did you learn / encounter / experience in the past two weeks? Could be a person, place or thing – but most likely, you’ll be sharing something that helps inspire someone else. Feel free to share links as well!

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