On Crafting Constructive Resolutions & The Do More Great Work Giveaway

by Laura on 12/28/2010 · 3 comments

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.  ~Hal Borland

As expected, there’s a ton of chatter this week about what we’ll be doing better and more of next year in order to improve our health, lives, jobs, etc. It can be a useful exercise, certainly and on the positive side, is a good sign that our culture uses a mark in time to reset and reevaluate on any level.

But one thing we often don’t do (or at least I don’t) is ask what we’ll *stop* doing next year. When we stop doing something that’s not helpful, toxic or simply just busywork, we don’t make room for meaningful work and activities we love. This was originally something Jim Collins (of Good to Great fame) wrote about seven years ago.

The Do More Great Work Giveaway

So, if you’re in the throes of creating your 2011 list, take 2 minutes and think about what you will stop doing next year. Folks that comment thoughtfully below (add in a little bit about why you’re stopping x, y or z – sharing always helps give others ideas) will be entered into a drawing for a copy of Michael Bungay Stanier’s Do More Great Work, which you can read more about here.

Two winners will be chosen and we’ll announce them later this week. I thought it the most apropos gift – since you’ll be giving up something relatively nonconstructive, you’ll be making room for even better things. The book will certainly give you the concrete ideas and motivation you need to jam on your goals for next year.

So, let’s hear it – what will you stop doing next year and why?

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E December 28, 2010 at 6:49 PM

I’m going to guess that an answer like “I’m going to stop not learning steal wielding” or “I’m gong to stop being able to say that I’ve never been to Italy” probably wont win me that book, and as I do want to stop not winning things (which reminds me, I need to pick up a lottery ticket tonight), I’d better give this some thought.

OK, as I’ve long made it a practice of purging myself from the things in life that are addictive in their awesomeness (smoking, tv, coffee, soda) and as I’m not giving up dark chocolate, I think it best to take another approach.

What I’d like to give up is my obsessiveness with this new world of constant connection. For example, the impulse to check my personal email 40 times in a day, when I average about 3 emails a week. This inability to watch a movie in it’s entirety without pausing it to go to some website to find out where I recognize the actor from. The constant checking of my dating profil… I mean my stocks.

This, by no means it anti-web, cause I love the web, but my love is becoming obsessive. It’s getting to the point where it’s the web that’s telling me perhaps we should spend a little time apart, for my own sake. Not a break-up, mind you, but simply a little break to make our time together the way it once was. A special occasion with hearts all aflutter and long gazes into one another’s eyes. In other words, I need to quit being so damn psycho for the world wide web.

I realized the other night that mine is the last generation that will remember a time before the internet and thus, mine will be the last generation to remember, even vaguely, how to disconnect. I don’t want that skill, however dated, to be lost forever.

So viva la web
but also, viva la a good book without interruption cause my mind can’t simply relax without knowing who said what on facebook.


Laura January 1, 2011 at 1:27 PM

E – your response deserves a post in itself – and of course you win! There were three other contenders who emailed in their responses, but clearly you won by a landslide. In all seriousness thought, your comment about us being the last generation remembering life without the Internet is true, profound and something I often take for granted. Viva la Web in doses, I say. Thanks for your thoughtful comment – book on the way!


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