Poll: What’s Your Favorite Hobby?

by Laura on 09/27/2010 · 1 comment

I was inspired by today’s Copyblogger post, which discussed numerous ways that bloggers (or simply anyone) can connect with people through the types of content they produce and share. The list reminded me of  questions you’d want to have in your cocktail party question arsenal – in a good, meaningful and relevant way.

I also think that hobbies – especially today, when distractions are at an all time high – are a reflection not only of our own personaliYour Favorite Hobbyties – but the connections among us. Perhaps we all inhabit different parts of the world, but love to sculpt. Aha, a connection is born. It’s a unifying angle among the world as we know it.

Let’s get to it. Mine is easy. Scrabble, writing, reading and eating. Not necessarily all at the same time. I figure that most of us know how to spell, so you can play with anyone and learn a ton along the way. All of us have to eat and when around a table, with a common necessary activities, I’ve always found the most interesting conversations are born. Writing and reading – well, you’ve seen the evidence.

Your turn – what’s your favorite hobby and why? Is it one you’ve had for a while or something you just picked up? I’m eager to learn (and maybe steal) a few from you too.

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